The MPAC Online Store is your one
stop shop for all MPAC branded apparel!


Step 1 – Check
out the MPAC branded items currently available in the MPAC Online Store by


Step 2 – Try on
sample sizes available at the studio to determine the size(s) that will work

Step 3 – Order and pay directly on the website. The store will be open YEAR ROUND however, there may be deadlines for event specific apparel. Your items will be delivered to the studio and ready for pick-up approximately 2-3 weeks after the order deadline.

In our continued effort to create a consistent branded look
for the studio, we will offer products that are available in both youth and
adult sizes whenever possible and will frequently offer unisex items such as
t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and joggers.

All orders will be shipped to the studio in separate
packages labeled with the dancer’s name for easy distribution. Orders will be
available approximately 2 weeks after the order deadline.

The MPAC Online Store reduces congestion at the studio and offers flexibility for grandparents or other family members to purchase items for dancers or for themselves.


Will I be able to
wear my previously purchased Madill warm-ups, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.?

Of course! Our goal is to become
completely branded with our new logo but we know that it will take time for
everyone to make the change.

Will there be new
warm-ups with a new design offered next year?

We will offer warm-up jackets each year and while the style
may change from year to year based on feedback from dancers and families, the
logo will remain consistent so you can be assured that items ordered now will
not be out of date any time in the near future.

What if my team wants
to order a Madill branded item that is not currently offered in the Madill
Online Store?

Throughout the year we will be offering many different
apparel options that we believe will meet your needs however if you have a
specific request send us your contact information and ideas – we love hearing
from you! Please be aware that the Madill logo is not available for outside
use. We want to move away from individual team attire to create a look that is
consistent throughout the studio and that is easily recognized by the public.

If I am ordering for
more than one student do I need to place separate orders for each of them?

No, simply include the name of one of the students when
prompted in the ordering process.

Can my order be
shipped to my home instead of the studio?

No, at this time, all orders will be delivered to the studio.

What if I miss the
ordering deadline but still want to purchase an item?

If you like an item, be sure to place your order before the
deadline because we cannot accept late orders and we cannot guarantee a
future offering. If the demand for a particular item is great, it is possible
that it could be offered again later in the season however that would also be
dependent on product availability.

What type of payment
is accepted in the MPAC Online Store?

The MPAC Online Store currently accepts American Express,
Discover, Master Card and Visa as forms of payment.

What is the shipping
charge for orders placed on the MPAC Online Store?

There is no shipping charge for orders place on the MPAC
Online Store!

Will we order
costumes and shoes from the MPAC Online Store?

No, all costume and shoe orders will be handled as they have
been in the past.

Why did the studio
move to an online store?

The change was made with the primary goal of offering a centralized, easy ordering process that reduces staff workload and creates a consistent brand identity for the studio. Less work, more options, win-win!